It’s Time to Take Down Statues of Conquistadors

It’s Time to Take Down Statues of Conquistadors

Victor Landa October 3, 2017

In 2006, the city of El Paso financed the construction of a 36-foot statue of the infamous Spanish conquistador Don Juan de Oñate riding his horse into battle. For some […]

Latinos Need a Voice, Where Is It?

NewsTaco June 19, 2017

*We’ve had this conversation for years. Do we need a national Latino leader? This piece makes the case that a leader is what Latinos need in the Trumpian era. Are […]

Effort to Create American Latino Museum on National Mall Gets Push in Bipartisan Bill

NewsTaco June 16, 2017

*This is yuuge! . . .  and about time. (*note to self, it’s not a museum, it’s an infrastructure project that happens to be a National Latino Museum.) VL By […]

Study finds blacks, Latinos get worse care for neurological disorders

NewsTaco June 13, 2017

* NewsTaco HEALTH TUESDAY By Dave Lindorff, Salon (4 minunte read)  A pioneering study published recently in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology has found that black and Latino […]

Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word

NewsTaco June 12, 2017

*Wow. Do yourself a favor and read this slowly. Talk about diversity is not enough, it says. It’s the term we use when the issue of racism makes white people […]

Menendez, Cortez Masto Want SXSW to Boycott Texas over Immigration Law

NewsTaco June 7, 2017

*If this gains any traction it’ll be devastating for Texas and send a strong message to what could be the reddest of the red states. VL By Suzanne Gamboa, NBC […]

Slew of Latinos Running in California US House Race Bucking Norms

NewsTaco April 4, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because whenever the word “slew” is used in politics, it’s got to be interesting. Because California’s 34th congressional district has been a “mata” of Latino […]