Latinos Could Sway Omaha’s Mayoral Race

Latinos Could Sway Omaha’s Mayoral Race

NewsTaco April 8, 2013

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco They’re calling the Latinos in South Omaha the “X” factor. That’s because the Latino population in the biggest city in Nebraska totals about 13 percent of […]

Nebraska Upholds Prenatal Care For Undocumented

NewsTaco April 19, 2012

By Victor Landa It turns out pro-immigrant trumps anti-abortion in Nebraska after all. This has been a topsy-turvy issue for a few weeks so I’ll give you the need-to-know version […]

Nebraska Grapples With Unborn Undocumented Immigrants

NewsTaco April 5, 2012

Let’s see if we can help the lawmakers in the state of Nebraska figure this one out. A person is undocumented if they came to this country with no legal […]

Nebraska County Refuses To Print Ballots In Spanish

November 30, 2011

By Dustin Mendus Dodge County, Nebraska, is not going to produce any bilingual ballots for next election year and beyond, despite the population being 10% Hispanic. The county clerk, Fred Mytty, told supervisors on […]

News Taco To Go: Voting, Immigration Reform & Arizona’s SB 1070

May 10, 2011

Latino Voting Power In Nebraska Diminished President Obama In Texas Today To Promote Immigration Reform Arizona Appeals To The Supreme Court To Keep Anti-Latino Law

Latino Voting Power In Nebraska Diminished

May 9, 2011

Last week in our national Latino redistricting roundup, we reported that in Nebraska Latino voter power was set to be diminished under a recently adopted redistricting plan. This week the […]

National Latino Redistricting Roundup

May 6, 2011

We at News Taco have been doing our best to keep you informed of redistricting battles affecting Latino population areas (really redistricting affects all Latinos everywhere, but that’s a pretty […]