Is the Latino voting bloc just a myth? It’s complicated

Is the Latino voting bloc just a myth? It’s complicated

NewsTaco November 16, 2016

*It’s interesting how even conservative Latino writers are at a loss to explain the Latino vote. It’s funny that we find common ground in the not really knowing. VL By […]

The Rundown on Latino Voter Election Eve Polling and Latino Exit Polls

NewsTaco November 10, 2016

*Latino Decisions says Latinos backed favored Clinton over Trump by 78-19 percent – different from what other polls have said, giving Trump a larger share of the Latino vote. VL […]

Tim Kaine delivers Phoenix speech in Spanish on Latino voter impact, immigration

NewsTaco November 4, 2016

*Why stump in Arizona in Spanish? Because 13.2 percent of Arizona’s Latino vopters have already gone to the polls, that’s an increase from 2012. And because Real Clear Politics’ polling […]

Latino Voters Continue To Face Barriers At Polling Places

NewsTaco October 26, 2016

*”Nearly one in five Latino voters (18 percent) reported being told previously that they could not vote. More than one in four (27 percent) of Latino voters reported experienced waiting […]

The Door-To-Door Grind to Lift Latino Voter Turnout

NewsTaco October 25, 2016

*Get out the Latino vote? This is how it’s done. One voter at a time, eyeball-to-eyeball, direct ask, time and again. VL By David Catanese, U.S. News & World Report (7 minute […]

Who’s funding voter suppression?

NewsTaco February 15, 2016

*This case becomes more important in light of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. But aside from the case itself, the thing to look for is where the […]

Obama wins 75% of Latino Vote; Historic Latino Influence

Mary Mata November 8, 2012

By Latino Decisions Latino support for President Obama was huge, with a record-breaking 75% of Latino voters nationwide (see below) casting their ballot for the President- the previous high for […]