This Latina engineer owns her feminism

This Latina engineer owns her feminism

NewsTaco February 1, 2016

*This is a very good lunch break read. Many layers of meaning and insight. VL By Krissah Thompson, The Washington Post On a cool Friday night Patricia Valoy bounded into […]

22-Year-Old Latina Sabrina Pasterski May Be The Next Albert Einstein

NewsTaco January 21, 2016

*She was wait listed at MIT, now she studies space-time and black holes at Harvard. I get the feeling that even without Ivy league schools she would find a way […]

Study Shows Latinas are More Likely to Have Larger Families

NewsTaco May 11, 2015

*Latinas are still having more babies than others, but the mythical large Latino family is shrinking. This has economic, educational, and political implications.  VL   By Cristina Arreola, Latina By […]

Don’t Call Me ‘Mamacita.’ I Am Not Your Mommy.

NewsTaco June 19, 2014

By Laura Martinez, NPR Code Switch One of the very few things I don’t miss about my native Mexico City is fending off sleazy guys calling you sabrosa (tasty) or rica (delicious) or some […]

The Plight of Women Migrants

NewsTaco June 18, 2014

*Recent news has been about unaccompanied children traveling north to the U.S., but a story just as compelling is that of the dangers that women face as they cross Mexico […]

The Latina Bounty Hunter

February 25, 2014

By Maria Hinojosa, Latino USA What happens if you don’t hold a Latina back? If she never hears “You can’t do that!” You might get someone like Michelle Gomez. She’s a skip […]

LATISM13 conference: harnessing social media to improve Latinos’ lives

September 23, 2013

By Maria Camila Bernal, NBCLatino In less than five years, Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) has been able to unite thousands of Latinos in the nation in hopes of helping advance their social, […]