Lessons on Hispanic turnout from California special election

Lessons on Hispanic turnout from California special election

NewsTaco June 13, 2017

*This is hopeful and frustrating at the same time. There’s hope in the fact that lessons were learned after the California special election. Frustration in the fact that we’re still […]

Racial minority caucuses wrestle for spots in possible Clinton Cabinet

NewsTaco November 3, 2016

*I imagine this to be part race, part elbow-rooming, part debate. We’ll see, if Clinton wins, who gets the appointments. The complaint in the Latino community has always been about […]

Standing Rock Youth Put Pressure on Presidential Candidates to Oppose Dakota Access Pipeline

NewsTaco October 31, 2016

*President Barack Obama had a private meeting with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier on Tuesday. Reports are that the meeting went as “expected.” VL By Yessenia Funes, Colorlines […]

These New Podesta Emails Won’t Help Hillary With Latino Voters

NewsTaco October 14, 2016

*To be fair, Podesta bad-mouths a wide swath of people, from Bernie Sanders supporters to Hillary Clinton’s friend Sydney Blumenthal. What he wrote specifically about Latinos was a personal attack […]

Final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will focus on immigration, Supreme Court

NewsTaco October 13, 2016

*Can you stomach one more of these? They say it’ll be about immigration, but I’ll bet they go off topic. It’ll be Oct. 19 at the University of Nevada at […]

How Clinton might promote Congress’s highest-ranking Latino

NewsTaco October 11, 2016

*This is what’s fueling the talk: he’s the House Democratic Caucus Chairman; he got a prime speaking slot at the Democratic convention; he’s been to 14 states campaigning for Hillary; […]

Trump pulls U.S. into “third-world” politics

NewsTaco October 10, 2016

Victor Landa, NewsTaco There was a salient moment in last night’s Presidential Debate that goes beyond the “who won” speculation. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced each other in verbal combat […]