Texas Latino Rep to file “celebratory gunfire” bill after hit by stray bullet

Texas Latino Rep to file “celebratory gunfire” bill after hit by stray bullet

NewsTaco January 3, 2017

*This is scary, but gunfire celebration on New Year’s Eve is not uncommon in deep South Texas. VL By Robert Inks, Texas Tribune (2.5 minute read) After being hit by a […]

the Latino daily – Your Tuesday morning brief

NewsTaco April 5, 2016

TUESDAY, April 5, 2016 Good morning Taquistas! This is the first story I read this morning and I’m obsessing over it a little. It tells a story of the changing […]

President Obama’s boldest action on guns yet, explained

NewsTaco January 5, 2016

*You’ll be seeing lot’s about the President’s action on gun control this morning, this is the most concise and complete report I’ve seen. It explains what, why and the possible […]

Latino voters favor gun restrictions

NewsTaco December 4, 2015

*Given the events of this week in San Bernardino, and acknowledging that the mass murder was probably terror related, I though I’d re-post this survey, by Latino Decisions. If for […]

Will immigration lead to restrictions on gun rights?

NewsTaco October 26, 2015

*Although this piece makes the usual, tired link between Latinos and immigration, it also makes a good point about how Latinos are changing politics and consumer markets. Specifically, Latinos and […]

Latino voters favor gun restrictions

NewsTaco October 2, 2015

*This survey is two years old, but it’s the most recent poll of Latino attitudes on gun control. VL By Adrian Pantoja, Latino Decisions The grim statistics and on-going stories […]

States’ Rights, Individual Liberties and Other American Falsehoods

NewsTaco July 27, 2015

By Dr. Henry Flores, NewsTaco I think it is about time to drive spikes into the cracks of some of these American fabrications.  Apologists and supporters of States’ Rights and […]