[email protected] high school students are rising to protest hateful SB 4 law in Texas.

Texas High Schoolers Rise Against Anti-Immigrant SB 4 Law

Victor Landa July 15, 2017

By Viri Sanchez and Karla Quinones  (2.5 minute read) Four months ago, on February 16, thousands of high school students across Texas joined in a collective effort to stand up […]

Latinos stand with Democrats, and will shape nation’s political future

NewsTaco December 20, 2016

* I’m going to hold my judgement of the Democratic Party until I see some change. Remember the GOP “autopsy?” The one that said they needed to be more inclusive, […]

Graham to roll out extension of Obama immigration program

NewsTaco December 1, 2016

*This is good news for DREAMers, from a senior GOP Senator nonetheless. He says he has the votes in congress to protect them. VL By Jordain Carney, The Hill (1.5 minute read) […]

Trump’s immigration whisperer

NewsTaco October 20, 2016

*Trump’s immigration policies aren’t his own. This is the guy who feeds him ideas and one-liners. VL By Glenn Thrush, Off Message (9 minute read) TOPEKA, Kan. — Kris Kobach […]

Republican Rot!!!!

NewsTaco October 11, 2016

*Henry Flores says that the seed that produced Donald Trump was planted several generations ago, in 1962, when the GOP formed a power coalition that grabbed power then ossified. VL […]

Latino voters in swing states could hurt GOP

NewsTaco September 12, 2016

*In Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio Latino voters favor the Democratic candidate for Senate. VL By David F. Damore, Latino Decisions (8.5 minute read) New polling from America’s […]

Taco trucks on every corner? Business group wants them at every polling site instead.

NewsTaco September 7, 2016

*The taco truck wave doesn’t end. Maybe that’s a good thing. There’s a call now for taco trucks at every polling site. Are there that many taco trucks? VL By Ed […]