Trump doesn’t get that sanctuary cities are about providing public safety

Trump doesn’t get that sanctuary cities are about providing public safety

NewsTaco March 30, 2017

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (1.5 minute read)  There’s a good editorial in the Chicago Tribune that takes Trump’s immigration plan to task. “Can President Donald Trump make America safer by taking money […]

Mayor Rahm Emanuel: ‘Chicago Always Will Be A Sanctuary City’

NewsTaco November 15, 2016

*There are lines being drawn in the sand all over the country. Trump says he will block federal funding to Sanctuary Cities. VL By Richard Gonzalez, NPR (2 minute read) […]

Chicago Public Schools students reveal resilience

NewsTaco November 1, 2016

*My pick for lunch break read of the day. Chicago teacher Ray Salazar shares some of his students’ inspiring personal essays. VL By Ray Salazar, The White Rhino (1 minute read, […]

Do Latino Neighborhoods Have More to Fear from Gentrification?

NewsTaco July 3, 2015

*A fascinating read! It turns out that traditional Latino neighborhoods are more prone to gentrification because new white residents are less likely to move into a neighborhood that has a […]

CNN’s Chicagoland does no good for Chicago Public Schools students

March 14, 2014

By Ray Salazar, NewsTaco A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a conversation about Chicago Public Schools with a group that learned about our schools mainly through the media.  […]

Chicago Latino Writing Initiative Launching to Cultivate Latino Writers

February 14, 2014

PRESS RELEASE Proyecto Latina and Gozamos are partnering to launch a groundbreaking writing initiative to cultivate a new generation of Latino writers and help promote Chicago as a mecca of powerful Latino voices. […]

When Students Prove a Teacher Wrong

September 23, 2013

By Ray Salazar, NewsTaco The goal of every good teacher is to help students be independent thinkers who question ideas and authority figures.  And I’ve learned to accept when my […]