Survey of Texans in Congress finds little support for full border wall

Survey of Texans in Congress finds little support for full border wall

NewsTaco December 20, 2016

*See, the closer you get to the border the less that stupid wall makes sense. VL By Abby Livingston, The Texas Tribune (4 minute read)  WASHINGTON — Few, if any, […]

Crossing Over

NewsTaco October 10, 2016

*This is a great lunch break read, only 16 minutes. It’s about how the U.S.-Mexico border is nothing but an inconvenience for the people of a small Texas border town. […]

Texas to Revisit Issue of ID’ing Migrants’ Remains Near Border

NewsTaco October 5, 2016

*This is somber stuff, but it’s important. There are thousands of families that have no idea of what happened to their loved ones who made the trek north in look […]

Undocumented Central American Immigration Surges Again at U.S. Border

NewsTaco September 15, 2016

*This is going to play into presidential politics, soon. VL By Eleanor Dearman, Texas Tribune (3 minute read) For the second time in three years, the U.S. Border Patrol is […]

Tijuana, cops, & why people leave Mexico

NewsTaco August 1, 2016

*It’s a true, tough question. Mexicans are incensed at the thought of a Trump wall. But, why are so many of them willing to risk their lives to leave? VL […]

Immigration Agents Find Common Cause with Hate Groups

NewsTaco July 13, 2015

*Remember the anti-immigrant protests in Murrieta, California, where the protesters blocked the passage of buses carrying undocumented women and children? New reporting indicates that protest organizers received information about the […]

Federal Officials Investigate Fatal Border Patrol Shootings

NewsTaco June 19, 2015

*The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency completed an internal investigation of 67 shooting incidents, 19 were fatal. None of the agents involved have been punished or reprimanded. VL By […]