A Nation of Ann Coulters

A Nation of Ann Coulters

NewsTaco June 22, 2015

*To be angry at Ann Coulter is like being angry at a symptom and not the disease.  The problem isn’t Coulter, per se, it’s that she represents the need to […]

Coulter: America has too many Latino, Mexican immigrants

Mary Mata May 24, 2013

By NBCLatino Ann Coulter says America should be more like it used to be with immigrants — specifically, by letting in fewer immigrants from Latin America and Mexico. In a […]

Analysis: Debunking the Lazy Latino Myth

Mary Mata December 12, 2012

By Cristina Constantini, ABC/Univision Click on the picture to read the story. [Photo by  Gage Skidmore]

Why Ann Coulter Doesn’t Care

Mary Mata December 11, 2012

By Latino Rebels Yes, the Latino digital space is burning with columns, analysis, and posts from both sides of the aisle aboutAnn Coulter’s “Tipping Pointo” piece, which basically was full of so much ignorance and […]

Pro-immigrant GOP Group Slams Ann Coulter for Anti-Latino Bigotry

Mary Mata December 10, 2012

PRESS RELEASE An Open Letter to Ann Coulter: Marshall, MN – We demand an immediate apology for your latest anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rant titled “America Nears el Tipping Pointo.” Also […]

Ann Coulter Attacks Latinos In Column

Mary Mata December 7, 2012

By Roque Planas, Huffington Post Latino Voices Republicans looking to reach out to Latinos may want to avoid the advice of Ann Coulter. The conservative pundit penned a column Wednesday […]

Talking head Ann Coulter can eat her own sandwich

Mary Mata September 27, 2012

By Elise Roedenbeck, Pocho Ñews Service Ann Coulter made headlines recently by stating “Civil rights are for blacks” and blacks alone. Oh Ann, sweet little Ann. It’s hard to imagine you […]