Republicans unveil their health care proposal, it looks like Obamacare light

Republicans unveil their health care proposal, it looks like Obamacare light

NewsTaco March 7, 2017

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (2.5 minute read)   This is going to be a little heavy on policy, because it needs to be today. The GOP has revealed its version of […]

5 Reasons Latinos Could Be The Most Powerful Transformation Of The U.S. Health System

NewsTaco August 5, 2015

*I like the way the story frames Latinos as a transformative force. We are agents of change and we need to be telling that story often. This piece makes a […]

Do you want my baby? An Affordable Care Act Love Story

NewsTaco February 9, 2015

By Jessica Priego, NewsTaco Last I checked, neither my pharmacist nor my insurance company wants my future baby. Barack doesn’t want my fantasy baby either (we are on a first […]

Latino Enrollment Is Critical For Obamacare, So Is It Happening?

NewsTaco February 3, 2015

*15.5 million young and uninsured Latinos can tip the balance of Obamacare. VL By Anna Maria Barry-Jester, Five Thirty Eight Politics This time last year, news coverage of Obamacare was […]

Health care campaign reaches out to Latinos

NewsTaco January 15, 2015

*Latinos in Texas are three times as likely as whites to be uninsured. I’m sure the number is similar across the country. VL By Lora Hines, Houston Chronicle With one […]

Will Latinos Ever Become Republican?

NewsTaco June 19, 2014

By Dr. Henry Flores, NewsTaco This question is currently being debated, given the findings of a recent Latino Decisions’ poll indicating that the GOP would be viewed more favorably by […]

ACA Leaves Undocumented Immigrants Out in the Cold: Community Health Clinics to the Rescue

NewsTaco June 2, 2014

By Patricia Guadalupe, NewsTaco Marta Jiménez counts herself as one of the lucky ones. Marta, who asked not to use her real name because she is undocumented, first came to […]