Expansion of AP computer science courses draws more girls and minorities

Victor Landa January 10, 2018

Ten years ago, girls were so scarce in high school computer science classes that the number of female students taking Advanced Placement tests in that subject could be counted on […]

Latina Coders Killing it in Spite of Silicon Valley

Victor Landa September 8, 2017

Latinos in tech prepare for resistance as Trump takes office

NewsTaco December 28, 2016

This Mexican College Robotics Team Just Owned a NASA Competition

NewsTaco October 6, 2016

*Check out this #MexicanThing. The Mexican team saw it as a statement victory. Team member Juan Carlos Mariscal said “We have the same abilities as any other student in the […]

Google searches reveal how obsessed Hispanic voters are with this election

NewsTaco September 29, 2016

*This is new territory, folks who hadn’t been interested and hadn’t voted before are doing so now, so it’s hard to draw definite conclusions. A Google search doesn’t equal a […]

Clinton-linked Latino group has email hacked

NewsTaco August 8, 2016

*Funny thing, the Latino Victory Project emailed people to tell them about the email hack . . . They wrote: don’t open our email. VL By Rebecca Saransky, The Hill […]

Venture Capital Doesn’t Invest in Blacks and Latinos – But That’s Changing in Oakland

NewsTaco August 1, 2016

*Here’s a refreshing idea, venture capital investment that asks “who benefits if this tool actually works?”  They’re not talking about investors. They’re talking about Latino startups that  benefit Latino communities. […]