Latinos in tech prepare for resistance as Trump takes office

NewsTaco December 28, 2016

*How the 6 percent Latino tech workforce could be key in resisting Trump’s announced immigration plans. VL By Marissa Lang, San Francisco Chronicle (8 minute read)   They heard him […]

This Mexican College Robotics Team Just Owned a NASA Competition

NewsTaco October 6, 2016

Google searches reveal how obsessed Hispanic voters are with this election

NewsTaco September 29, 2016

Clinton-linked Latino group has email hacked

NewsTaco August 8, 2016

*Funny thing, the Latino Victory Project emailed people to tell them about the email hack . . . They wrote: don’t open our email. VL By Rebecca Saransky, The Hill […]

Venture Capital Doesn’t Invest in Blacks and Latinos – But That’s Changing in Oakland

NewsTaco August 1, 2016

*Here’s a refreshing idea, venture capital investment that asks “who benefits if this tool actually works?”  They’re not talking about investors. They’re talking about Latino startups that  benefit Latino communities. […]

Facebook, ‘Trump effect’ may boost Latino impact on election

NewsTaco May 11, 2016

*What’s cool about this column from the Dallas Morning News’s Mercedes Olivera is that as you read it you’re proving her point. Check it out. VL By Mercedes Olivera, Dallas […]

California, Nevada, Texas more racist, sexist than Arizona?

NewsTaco March 22, 2016

*This either means that Arizonan’s aren’t as bigoted as other people, or that they aren’t into social media.  Except when it comes to anti-Latino posts, where Arizona is in the […]