Feds Will Skip Border Wall Impact Study Before Building Through Wildlife Refuge

Victor Landa July 26, 2017

By Anya Byrd, Colorlines (2.5 minute read)   Though funding for the estimated $21.6 billion U.S.-Mexico wall has not yet been secured, the federal government continues to move forward with construction. […]

More Tan 500 Moms and Children Hold “Play-In” Protest on Capitol Hill

Victor Landa July 18, 2017

Meet the fixer: This advocate connects green Latinos

NewsTaco May 11, 2017

Recognizing an Historic Moment for Utah and Our Nation

NewsTaco January 4, 2017

*We’re happy to post this piece submitted by Utah state Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck because Mexican-Americans are native to this land and our heritage deserves protection. VL By Utah State Representative Rebecca […]

Poll: Most Latino Voters Favor Strong Environmental Protections

NewsTaco December 27, 2016

*The environment and climate change are going to be important battlegrounds for the next four years. Already, climate deniers are circulating “polls” that say a majority of people believe changes […]

The Miami of My Dreams

NewsTaco December 15, 2016

*It’s a contrast between the reality of science and people selling their homes near the ocean, and the politics of climate change denial. Trump’s pick to head the EPA, Scott Pruitt, […]

Bias Hinders Diversity in Hiring for Environmental Organizations

NewsTaco December 14, 2016

*Only 12 to 16 percent of the staff at environmental foundations are persons of color. The paternalistic attitudes of Liberal leadership has a lot to do with that. VL By Anthony […]