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Been in a good political argument lately? There are stats on that, and Latinos are pretty chill

Victor Landa July 21, 2017

They’re happening more often since Trump set up office in the West Wing. And they’re happening more with White, educated women. That’s what a recent Pew poll found. Latinos, on […]

Well-Being of U.S. Latino Youth Differs by Ethnic Background

Victor Landa July 20, 2017

How Latinos are Changing the Nation’s Classrooms

Victor Landa July 19, 2017

The changing face of Latinos in Mountain West politics

Victor Landa July 18, 2017

Interesting article in The Hill about how the once rural, wild and conservative mountain west politics has become urban and progressive. The point of the piece is that urbanization and a growing […]

U.S. Latino construction, agriculture and dairy workforce 7/17/17

Victor Landa July 17, 2017

I’ve been searching for statistics that paint a picture of the labor and economic loss across the U.S. economy caused by President Trump’s immigration plans, bluster, threats . . . There are […]

Illinois Latino Vote 7/10/17

Victor Landa July 16, 2017

City Lab is asking what Latinos in Chicago are doing to get voters energized. I’ll take a line from business jargon and call it “best practices.” City Lab says “The lessons […]

Latino Wellbeing – financial optimism 7/11/17

Victor Landa

Florida Atlantic University has a rolling poll where the attitudes of U.S. Latinos are measured on a regular basis vis-à-vis the economy and their general wellbeing. There’s been a trend of optimism among […]