‘DREAMers’ Win In Court Could Backfire and Help Trump

*Why you should read this: Because actions have consequences. Not that the DREAMer win in court was a bad thing, it wasn’t. But it may have helped Trump in the long run. VL

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (1 minute read)  

The story was reported by Bloomberg Politics, about a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge who rebuked his colleagues because they “let stand a ruling that Arizona was required under Barack Obama’s so-called Dreamer program to issue driver licenses to undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. before they turned 16.”

Judge Alex Kozinski’s rebuke, though, has nothing to do with the DREAMes specifically, it has to do with the power that the ruling grants the office of the president:

“The decision was a ‘brazen re-negotiation of our federal bargain,’ Kozinski said, because it gives the president’s orders, rather than laws created by Congress, the power to eclipse state laws.”

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Kozinski says the 9th Circuit’s ruling gives the president (any president) vast power over immigration, where that power used to reside in the deliberative bodies of Congress and the Supreme Court.

The sub-head should read “be careful what you ask for.”


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The short version is that by suing the state of Arizona the DREAMers set prescedent at the Court of Appeals level that gives the President power over states on the immigration issue.

They wanted to give President Obama that power and ended up giving it to Trump.

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