How Do College-Educated Latinos Fare On Personal Finance? New Report

*What is the story?: A TIAA-CREF Institute study found that six-in-ten college educated Latinos have difficulties covering their expenses or saving for the future.

Why is it important?: Latinos continue to be affected by the financial meltdown of 2008 and the Great Recession. With all the talk of the rise of Latino influence in politics, economy and culture, stories like this one, that paint a true and stark picture of the Latino reality, are few and far between. VL

NBC_News_2013_logoBy NBC News

Almost six-in-ten college-educated Hispanics surveyed in a new report find it hard to cover expenses and save for the future, according to a new report.

TIAA-CREF Institute and the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center surveyed over 1,500 college-educated Hispanics. The report, “Hispanic Personal Finances: Financial Literacy and Decision-making Among College-Educated Hispanics,” found just 12 percent of college-educated Latinos demonstrated advanced financial knowledge and only 32 percent displayed basic financial literacy, rates lower than other groups.

 The report analyzed Latinos’ assets and liabilities as well as their planning behavior.

About 59 percent of college-educated Hispanics face significant financial insecurity as they find it hard to pay bills and cover basic expenses …

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