Why are so many Latinos pathetically apathetic?

By Latina Lista

LatinaLista — Over the summer, the Association for Psychological Science released a study that amazingly was only covered by one news media outlet. It could have been because it focused on something that most people don’t want to admit — being self-centered.

According to the study, Americans are more self-centered now than they were 200 years ago. The study didn’t survey people, but instead, looked at one million books, specifically words used in those books. The study’s authors found that those books’ vocabularies reflected a societal attitude that has shifted from ‘giving’ to ‘getting.’

An ego-centric attitude may explain why Latinos, overall, seem pretty complacent in challenging politicians who have no problem depriving, scape-goating or targeting Latinos, both undocumented and citizens, as they go about stumping for their favorite constituents.

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[Photo by Toban B.]

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