The Cousteau legacy strives to empower Latino students to create healthy environments

By Latina Lista

LatinaLista — For one generation, the surname of Cousteau reignites memories of mini subs,deep sea diving and nature’s wonders that lie beneath the sea. For another generation, the name is just a name — in French.

Sadly, the vast majority of today’s youth don’t know about the work of Jacques Yves Cousteau but they, along with everyone else, are learning that our environment is no longer as healthy as it once was.

That’s where a new generation of Cousteaus come in — Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau, Jacques’ grandchildren. In 2010, the brother and sister created a science educational initiative in memory of their family’s legacy to environmental conservation.

Called EarthEcho, the organization’s global mission is to empower young people to take action to restore and protect the world’s oceans.

EarthEcho is now reaching out to Latino students with another new initiative that teaches students how to address environmental issues closer to home.

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[Photo courtesy EarthEcho]

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