One DREAMer’s Response to Ruben Navarrette

By Latino Rebels

Here is one video response to Ruben Navarrette that speaks more about the reality of the DREAMers than a series of whiny CNN columns that come across as elitist and reactionary.

We are wondering why Navarrette has suddenly become so absurdly critical of the DREAMers. Guess he forgot what some DREAMers have been doing for the past couple of years. Our take? Without the DREAMers, the push for true comprehensive immigration reform would have vanished from the national dialogue.

Is any movement perfect? Of course not. But if people think that the DREAMers should not stir the pot, then they have no clue about the movement’s essence. The DREAMers have no problem calling out thehypocrisy of the Obama Administration (does Navarrette forget that?) or the Republicans who are quick to ignore them. Sorry if that makes the Latino establishment uncomfortable.

For more of the real story, one that will never make the columns of CNN contributors, check outDreamersAdrift. The real stories are happening every day. The DREAMers didn’t need CNN before, and they don’t need them now.

This article was first published in Latino Rebels.

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