Two Immigrants Gunned Down in Arizona

By Dustin Mendus

A truck carrying twenty “Illegal aliens” was intercepted Sunday, April 8th, by “individuals in camouflage uniforms brandishing rifles” in Pima, Arizona. Two people in the truck were gunned down by these men, according to the survivors of the shooting. No names have been  released by Pima County sheriffs pending notification of the next of kin. The survivors are being kept in custody by the Border Patrol following the police questioning about the incident.

This comes at the same time that the state of Arizona is toying with the idea of creating a taxpayer funded “armed militia” to patrol the borders. Criticism of the bill from Congressman Raul Grijalva and others seems to be falling on deaf ears, as the bill was approved in the Arizona Senate appropriations committee.

The deaths of these two people marks the first time in recent history that immigrants have been shot and killed from within American borders during their crossing from Mexico to America, and seems to indicate that the anti-immigration rhetoric has taken a very dangerous toll on Americans and how they deal with the “waves” of undocumented immigrants. We’ve gone past the ignorance of SB1070 to undocumented people being murdered on American soil. Meanwhile, some Americans decry the arrival of these people, saying that they will bring violence to the border. This absurd, fearful notion that undocumented immigrants are somehow going to bring massive violence to America (or worse, smuggle terrorists) – as well as the age-old favorite that they’re “taking our jobs” – has lead us to where we stand today.

Two people have now been gunned down in the Arizona desert thanks to men who sought them out. The area where the truck was stopped was known by police for being used to “smuggle humans”, and apparently now for killing them as well. The survivors of the attack described the assailants as wearing camouflage. It was probably no “accident”, no gang shooting, and it certainly wasn’t Jack the Ripper. The immigrants were probably gunned down in cold blood by men pumped with rhetoric about how “illegals” are ruining America. We’re left with two dead bodies in the Arizona desert. This is what rhetoric has done.

[Photo by ThreadedThoughts]

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