Latino Veep Sweepstakes Is Like Living In A Ranch

For people who watch these things, one of the big stories of the past few days was New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez “shutting the door” on the vice-presidential speculation. For the rest of the world (and those living outside of New Mexico) the question was “Who is Susana Martinez?”

Truth be told it’s way too early for the veep selection sweepstakes to enter the general public’s awareness, especially if it’s a new name. If you’re thinking about it in April consider yourself a political geek – and welcome to the club. Most folks, though, don’t have a clue that they could care less.

So they don’t get the nuance. Like the fact that Martinez only shut the door – she didn’t lock it. See, no one has actually opened the door. Florida Senator Marco Rubio hasn’t opened it, that would be presumptuous at this point. The polite thing to do in April of an election year is to crack the door open, act like you always leave it cracked, and leave it like that until the party convention, regardless of how hard people come knocking. That’s the balance: you either crack the door, or you don’t lock it. In that sense living inside presidential politics is a lot like living in a ranch – doors open, breeze wafting in.

Martinez sites family obligations – a sister with special needs – and unfinished work in her home state as the reasons for shutting the veep possibility door. Regardless of her reasons I think she’s along-shot and any speculation about her GOP veep possibilities are just that – speculation, conjured maybe to get Latinos and possibly women excited about a candidate and a party. You get to be the judge about whether it’s an effective tactic or not.

On the other hand (or, meanwhile, back at the ranch) – and this is where I started – who’s really paying attention at this point and will Susana Martinez matter outside of New Mexico come Labor Day and beyond?

[Photo By New Mexico]

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