Voter Suppression In the U.S. – An Infographic

The way things now stand, 10% of Latino voters have had their right to vote suppressed in the states that have approved voter ID laws. The prospect for the future is that more states will follow suit. We know that much. NewsTaco has been reporting on the issue for several months along with a swell of information and concern that has grown within the Latino community.

We bring the issue up again because we promised we would every time we thought it would be pertinent – and it’s always pertinent. But also because of the publication of a very well put-together infographic that explains the issue and its consequences. It was done by the good folks at Craigconnects, the brainchild of Craig Newmark, the same Craig Newmark that thought-up Cragislist. Think of this as his giving-back site. Craigconnects’  tagline is: Using technology to give the voiceless a real voice and the powerless real power.

So in that vein they put together a voter suppression infographic that’s easy to read and share. It’s a quick go-to reference for statistics, cost, percentages and politics having to do with voter suppression and voter I.D. Here’s a copy of it, and you can also see it directly at


[Photo By daquella manera]

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