Sara Inés Calderón Steps Down As NewsTaco Editor

NewsTaco has been a tremendous adventure for me. And as with all adventures, there comes a time when they must end. So with this post I am announcing that I am moving on and away from my role as NewsTaco editor.

When I started in 2010, I was a graduate student in San Antonio, egged on by my friend and mentor Carlos Guerra, who told me with a mischievous smile that he was starting “something” and he wanted me to be a part of it. Since that time, I have learned so much and met so many people that have changed my life so profoundly that I hardly know where to begin.

I can say definitively that my favorite aspect of building this excellent platform is that I was able to meet so many amazing writers, movers and shakers, readers, students, dreamers, politicos, and just all kinds of people who are working — in their own way — to make sure that we live in an ever-expanding world. I may not remember every post that I wrote, every racist comment I deleted, or every Facebook joke that made me laugh, but I shall never forget how inspired I felt every day by the people who I ran into working at NewsTaco.

Truly, and without exaggeration, you all have changed my life.

While I’m leaving the NewsTaco world, you will still find me on El Internet here and there. I hope that you will follow me on Twitter at @SaraChicaD or find me on Facebook.

Finally, thank you. I’m grateful for the perspective I’ve gained from working with NewsTaco and my life would be very different without it. I leave you in the very capable hands of Victor Landa and the other writers you have come to know and love, and you will be hearing from me soon.

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