Mexican Americans Have Higher Rates Of Obesity

Mexican Americans have a higher rate of obesity than the rest of population; whereas about 40% of Mexican American adults are obese, only 36% are nationally. This report included data from the Centers for Disease Control.

According to recent report from USA Today, “obese” is defined as being 30 pounds or more overweight, the figures for Mexican Americans have grown from 35% obesity in 2006.

This is especially alarming, given another recent report that found that Mexican Americans are the engine of Latino growth in the United States. By 2050 there will be 132 million Latinos in the country, meaning one in three Americans will be Latino, according to CDC data.

For many Latinos, being overweight is commonplace. The greater issue is that obesity may lead to diabetes and  a host of other health issues. Diabetes may lead to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, reproductive issues, and premature death. Diabetics are more prone to strokes and heart attacks.

The CDC report also noted that about 22% of Mexican Americans have high blood pressure, 20% have high cholesterol, about half of their caloric intake tends to come from carbohydrates, and only about half have health insurance. The outlook is bleak, but we’ve written about several ways in which diabetics, or people who are overweight, can take small steps to address their health problems.

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