Arizona To Create An “Armed Militia” Along Its Border

America for the most part has been cringing and shaking it’s head at the state of Arizona’s absurd behavior in recent years. Aside from the few advocating that we should make Arizona’s immigration policy (SB 1070) a national policy, most of the nation is appalled at the actions of this embarrassing desert with a name. That said, Arizona is at it again: a new bill aims to place an “armed militia” on the national border between Arizona and Mexico.

As I read this article, part of me wanted to laugh at the absurdity of this whole situation; it seems like something that would be in a satirical story. A state deports unwated people, the economy there dies as a result, and then they take even more extreme actions to the point of attempting to put an armed militia on the border? It’s almost too absurd to believe. Another part of me wants to cringe, and all of me wonders, “What’s going on in Arizona?!”

At this point it’s obvious that Arizona’s aiming it’s legislation at Latino immigrants due to an insane fear of them “taking our jobs.” These, of course, being the same jobs that people who are born here don’t want. What’s even worse, though, is the fact that the politicians pimping out this obviously racist, economically damaging legislation are not taking the time to look at the repercussions of their previous bills. Instead, they push more of this garbage, wasting taxpayer time and humiliating their state and the rest of America, making our country look like a bunch of xenophobic idiots who are deathly afraid of brown people robbing the country of the socially and politically powerful jobs of picking tomatoes and scrubbing kitchens — and let’s not forget lawn manicuring.

To solve “illegal” immigration, we can put up all of the walls and fences we want. We can put up Jurassic Park-style fencing, we can put up a “militia” which will take extensive time and money to train and prepare before we even have these guys on patrol.

Or, we can look to dealing with the causes of immigration. We seem to be attempting to curb the symptoms, using progressively radical methods in vain. We need to look at the issues in immigrants’ home countries that are making these people flee to America; this is the actual condition. If we can find and address the things causing immigrants to flee their nations in droves, we might be able to stop this madness. Or we can continue up the road of ridiculous solutions and waste taxpayer money.

If we want to go the Arizona route, can we put up a border patrol on the Arizona’s borders with other states and keep these insane politicians from getting to the rest of us?

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