VIDEO: Mitt Romney Illustrates Ignorance About DREAM Act

At a recent New York City event, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney makes it clear that he doesn’t fully understand the DREAM Act — though he’s pretty clear that he would veto it if elected. A DREAMer, Lucy, approached him and asked him about his position on the legislation;  he repeated he would veto it. He says that if someone comes here illegally — at which point Lucy interrupts him and says she didn’t come to the U.S. illegally.

Romney seems taken aback by this revelation, says “That’s wonderful” before he is rushed off by his handlers. Beneficiaries of the DREAM Act did not, oftentimes, knowingly break the law (how can a 2 year-old do so?) and sometimes came as legal immigrants and overstayed visas. Romney’s puzzlement that Lucy could be both a DREAMer and a legal immigrant underscore his ignorance of this law he so passionately opposes. When Lucy walked away, Romney supporters told her to “Go back to Mexico!” She’s from Peru.

[Video By DRMCapitalGroup]

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