KKK Recruiting In Oklahoma Doesn’t Go So Well

An attempt by members of the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Okfuskee County, Oklahoma, to recruit new “knights” ended up doing a bit of the opposite, and freaking a few people out in the county to the point that the “valiant knights” had to do damage control.

Lorna Davis found a flyer on the doorstep of her job, assuming it business mail, and picked it up. It turned out to be an invitation to the KKK; offended, Davis called up the Klan to tell them that she didn’t want to find things like that on her property. However, Davis is not the only person in the area. Apparently these klansmen were contacted by several people in the towns where they spread flyers, feeling that the “Klan needed to make it’s presence known.”

The reaction of horror toward the flyers though was not just limited to Lorna Davis, apparently. The guys who posted the fliers made public comments about it. One of the distributors argues that the Klan is “not racist,” and that the violent Klan of history (read: domestic terrorism) is a thing of the past. He even apologized for offending people, saying it is “not our purpose.”

Despite being in an era where the Klan is in decline — to the point that they must anonymously post flyers in the dead of night in small towns — they are still picky about potential donors, writing in their flyer a list of “Twenty reasons why you (if qualified) should join, aid, and support the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.”  The Klan’s website features a quote from the “national director of knights,” Thomas Robb, claiming that there is a “race war” being waged against whites, but they will remain “committed to a non-violent resolution.”

Really?  The Klan can whitewash it’s history as much as it wants, but the truth of the Ku Klux Klan and its past are a firm part of American history. The reality of what the KKK is and what it would like to be again are seemingly being kept at bay by tolerant, accepting people of all races. It’s time for the Klan to realize that it and other hate groups, regardless of what race they are composed of, are going to the trash heap of history.

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