Obama Campaign Brings On National Latino Vote Director

The Obama campaign hired Texas native Adrian Saenz to be the National Latino Vote Director last week, part of the campaign’s efforts to drive the Latino vote in 2012. While many have said that the GOP options for president aren’t likely to draw a huge number of Latino voters, if Latinos stay away from the polls, it’s likely President Obama and other pivotal races could suffer from the lack of participation.

Saenz had previously worked for Texas congressmen Charlie Gonzalez and Ciro Rodriguez and New Mexico congressman Harry Teague. In 2008 he served as the state director for the Obama campaign in Texas and New Mexico. He’s also spent time as a national field director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

As National Latino Vote Director, Saenz told Univision that he plans to travel the country and work in states with heavy Latino voting populations, such as New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, as well as Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

[Screenshot By DemocracyForNewMexico]

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