Occupy The Holidays, Support Local Businesses

The idea behind Occupy the Holidays is to encourage people everywhere to avoid corporate shopping and instead support local, fair trade, or independent business this holiday season. If enough people commit to this approach to the Occupy Movement, we can send a clear message to corporate America with our money — we refuse to support their greed and unethical practices during the holidays.

The Page will be used as a space where everyone can share shopping ideas. We’ve already seen some links to local and fair trade business. This is not to suggest that you need to do all of your holiday shopping this way, but to at least encourage much more mindful consumerism.

Personally, I would be thrilled to receive a handmade necklace from the Third World or a nice article of clothing from a local boutique, but really, there are so many other gift possibilities. Some ideas are to shop through sites like Etsy, purchase gift certificates to local restaurants, or shop at your local farmers market.

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