The Top Latino Halloween Costumes To Avoid

Halloween is right around the corner and in order to avoid getting caught in one of those sticky situations where you find yourself the object of ire because you “accidentally” dressed up as something racist, or didn’t get the irony quite right, we wanted to give you a list of things that you wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing when your boss Googles you.

1.) Cholos, cholas, gangbangers, etc.

I hope I don’t actually have to explain this to you (hint: it means all Latinos are criminals).

2.) Bandido, you know, the big hat, mustache and serape.

Seriously, anything with a mustache and a serape and a big hat, ugh. Have you ever actually met a Mexican that dresses that way?

3.) Sexy Latina stereotype.

Although there are many, many to choose from, it’s kind of tired, isn’t it? Do any of your aunties actually look like that? Have they ever? Can Latinas just be women, not sexual objects for your gratification, this Halloween?

4.) Drug lord from South America (or somewhere).

You know, you can wear linen pants whenever you want to, please don’t use Halloween as an excuse to make people compliment your wardrobe while stereotyping an entire continent. It’s not funny when thousands of people are dying.

5.) An immigrant.

Yeah, please don’t pick up a bag of oranges or something or pretend like you’re running from la migra. That’s not funny, either.

And if you’re saying to yourself, “Sara, chill out, why do you get so riled up? No one does that.” Check out this screenshot from (btw this is one of many, search it):

[Photo By Ashley R. Good]

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