5 Reasons Why Hispanics Should Support Jon Huntsman

By Alejandro Ramirez, Hispanic Talk News

Many Hispanics feel disenfranchised with the current Republican presidential candidates.  Organizations like Somos Republicans, the largest Hispanic GOP group, have consistently called for a shift back towards the party of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln.

With candidates like Romney, Bachmann and Perry consulting Joe Arpaio, it seems like the Republican party continues to shift rightward. But there is a candidate that stands above the rest and could be the only Republican hope for Hispanics. His name is Jon Huntsman, the former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China. Huntsman has been a voice of reason in the circus we now call the Republican presidential primary.

Hispanic voters should support Huntsman because:

1. He supports the Dream Act.

The Dream Act is a common sense policy many Republicans once supported but have now abandoned it in order to appease the Tea Party. This was evident last year when so few Republicans supported the legislation in the House and Senate. More recently Rick Perry said he did not support the Dream Act when he enacted a similar policy in Texas.

2. He supports a pathway to citizenship.

On the issue of illegal immigration, Republicans have proposed enforcement only policies. According to many Republicans, undocumented immigrants will just leave if more laws are enforced. On the contrary, Huntsman believes we need to deal with undocumented immigrants humanely. A position that is not good politics but is pragmatic policy.

3. He is a centrist who would be willing to work with both parties.

In an era of political grid lock where both parties are wanting it their way or the highway, Jon Huntsman would bring a pragmatism that is much needed in D.C.

4. He has foreign policy experience serving as an ambassador to China and Singapore.

In a global economy we need a president who has international experience and understands trade and commerce

5. While Governor, Utah was ranked the best-managed state in the nation.

Many candidates try to run away from their record, Jon Huntsman is running on his record as a job creator in Utah.

With illegal immigration being near and dear to the hearts of most Latinos and with unemployment around 11%, Jon Huntsman is the best Republican candidate for Hispanics.

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