Obama Polling Far Above Any GOP Candidates With Latinos

A poll released last week by the group Public Policy Polling shows that even though Latinos aren’t crazy about President Obama right now, they’re even less enthusiastic about the current crop of GOP candidates. Which is interesting, considering that Latinos are not thrilled about Obama right now, given low poll numbers.

It seems to be a “We don’t love him, but we really don’t like them,” kind of deal.

Here’s a breakdown of the results of this particular poll and how Latinos view Obama’s current contenders. The numbers in parentheses indicate how the President fares against them:

  • Michelle Bachmann: Favorable 29%, Unfavorable 46%   (Obama v. Bachmann: 74% – 26%)
  • Herman Cain: Favorable 17%, Unfavorable 47% (Obama v. Cain: 75% – 22%)
  • Sarah Palin: Favorable 18%, Unfavorable 82% (Obama v. Palin: 74% – 25%)
  • Rick Perry: Favorable 15%, Unfavorable 66% (Obama v. Perry: 72% – 26%)
  • Mitt Romney: Favorable 18%, Unfavorable 59% (Obama v. Romney: 66% a 29%)

Given that undecided voters also factor into the stats, it appears that Latinos have really made up their minds about Palin! So what’s the deal, Republicans?  Even though many of the presidential hopefuls claim to share similar family values as Latinos, are their views on immigration to blame for the disconnect?

Or is it that Latino voters are “truly liberal at heart”?  In the meantime, the other candidates have a year to work on their Spanish and target the issues Latino voters care about if they want to secure the GOP nomination or win the White House.

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