What’s Mitt Romney Selling To Latino Voters?

So Mitt Romney is running as a Republican for president in 2012. Here at News Taco we thought it’d be a good idea to look briefly at his history of promises to Latino voters, his stance on the issues, and what not. You may recall, we previously did a piece on Tim Pawlenty, the guy who compared immigrants to terrorists. Check it out what the Internet told us.

So there you have it. It’s strange, as this guy said, that Romney’s own family totally ignored the law, immigration law, when they fled the U.S. to Mexico, then when they came back, but when it comes to other people seeking opportunity they can’t have it. Truly an interesting story, check it out. I’m sure as the campaign goes on we’ll get a better idea of Romney’s stances with regard to the economy, healthcare, education and other important Latino voter issues.

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