The Top 6 Incidents Of Ojo

[Editor’s Note: The following was written by News Taco editors Sara Inés Calderón and Victor Landa]

Even though we all like to pretend that we’re modern and non-superstitious, you know that sometimes when someone is complimenting you, or when you all of a sudden fall ill for no reason, there’s that creeping suspicion that…could it be…alguien me echó ojo? But you don’t really believe in it, right?

I know I don’t believe that, just because someone covets something, unless they touch it or you, something bad will happen. But, just in case, I always ask people to touch things they compliment me on and do the same to them. Granted, sometimes this requires me touching strangers, but hey, I’d rather be awkward than wreak havoc in someone else’s life. In that vein, to prevent this from happening to you, we wanted to round up a list of the top causes of ojo, so you can watch your back — just in case….

1.) You get your nails done and your co-workers says, “Oh wow, those are so pretty, I wish my wife would get her nails done like that.” Then one breaks.

2.) Your little cousin makes such a cute flower girl that everyone adores her…later at the wedding reception she comes down with a fever.

3.) You buy a new car and your tías are jealous their kids don’t have one. The next day when you go to get in and it doesn’t start.

4.) You sit down for a delicious lunch from your favorite restaurant, and a hungry co-worker eyes your food, just as you’re about to take a bite, it falls onto your new suit.

5.) You wait for months to get your new iPhone, as you’re leaving another jealous customers gives you the ojo, as soon as you walk out, you drop it and the screen cracks.

6.) You decide to wear your brand new earrings to an outing, a friend compliments you on them but does not touch them, when you get home you discover you’ve lost one.

You get the general idea. Did we miss any that you know of? Of course we all know the cure for ojo is that you have to touch the coveted object, or have someone giving a compliment touch you, whether the coveted item be a child or a vehicle. Then again, there’s that whole huevo, prayer, water cure…

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