Latinos Earn Less Than Whites, African-Americans

A recent report by the Department of Labor released last week found that Hispanics earn less than whites or African Americans.

Last week, La Plaza reported on some of the key findings of the study, which is the first of its kind to examine Latino workers at the national level.

In 2010, Latino workers earned less per week than their white and black counterparts.  Latinos made about $535 a week, compared to $765 for whites and $611 for blacks.

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis said that in order to close the gap, educational attainment must be boosted among Latinos and called it one of the “principal challenges” facing the Latino community.

The study also examined disparities in pay by gender and found that within the Hispanic community the gap in earnings is less between men and women.  White women earned about 24.8 percent less than white men, but the disparity between Hispanic women and men was twice as less, with women earning 10.2 percent less than the men.

La Plaza also reported that the report found that Hispanics need more help finding jobs than other groups, even as the economy continues to recover.


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