The Latino Catholic Challenge: Go Veggie For Lent

By Lucy M Fel, Courtesy

Many people who practice Catholicism will be faced with the question every Friday for 40 days, “What will I eat on Friday?” I know folks give up something like sweets, drinking, or some other type of food for the Lenten season.

My mother usually made some type of fish, but I did not like what she made most of the time. I ended up eating the starch (rice, potatoe, or root vegetables) or beans that she made with some type of salad. Had I a little foresight into preparing my own meals, I would have probably made some type of vegetarian dish using vegetarian products.

If you are Catholic and are giving up protein on Friday, why not do it for the whole 40 days?  This may be a sacrifice for religious purposes but may end up being a lifestyle change. Not only will you be healthy on the outside, but the inside will reap many benefits.

When you find yourself with the quandary of what to cook every Friday, look towards the veggie section of the grocery; there are endless possibilities.  We also have several recipes on VegLatinothat might inspire you to create them in your home.

Vegetarian products such as @GardeinQuornWorthington Loma Linda, and Morningstar Farms have recipes on their respective sites and also sell pre-flavored food to heat up and serve. What dishes could you make that are traditionally Latino for Lenten season with out fish? What recipes on our site or the other sites will you try and make for dinner on Fridays?

*It’s Sara Inés here, on a side note, you will notice if you pay attention that after not eating red meat or pork, in particular, for a while you will feel a lot better. Coming from a meat-loving family that is back-tracking due to diabetes, trust me.

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