New DREAM Act Language Released

Michael Olivas, professor from the University of Houston Law School, recently posted information about the DREAM Act’s new designation in the Senate now that Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, said he’d bring the bill up for a vote.

Check out a few highlights from the new bill:

  • Creates conditional nonimmigrant status for 10 years
  • Followed by 3 years of legal permanent resident status prior to application for naturalization
  • Authorized to be employed
  • May travel outside the U.S.
  • Treated as lawfully present except for purposes of eligibility for health care
  • Eliminates repeal of in-state tuition ban
  • Must show good moral character since time of entry into the country (rather than date of enactment)
  • Lower age cap from 34 to 29
  • Requires selective service registration
  • Good moral character
  • Cannot have been absent from the US for a total of more than 365 days during the conditional status
  • Must pay back taxes

Click here for more information, the full text of the bill and more.

[Photo Courtesy Ricardo Briones]

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